WMI Programming in .NET

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have lately been playing around using WMI though .NET (System.Management namespace). The reason for this is that I’m developing a little BizTalk admin tool and I’m using a fair bit of WMI interop as well as ExplorerOM.

I never realised the power of WMI until I started doing this. WMI allows you to do many things among control hardware, hook in to OS events and all MS Server products exposes functionality through WMI (e.g. BizTalk). It basically brings you closer to the platform.

WMI programming is fairly simple to do through managed code these days, and it’s made even simpler through this free MS Tool: WMI Code Creator. This tool lists all WMI Classes, events and even generates code in C#/VB.NET or VB Script.

Nice Nice!

Posted by Marcus Rosen at 7:56 PM 2 comments