MSBuild and BizTalk

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

If you need to deploy a BizTalk solution in an automated fashion using MSBuild take a look at the following:

Microsoft SDC Tasks -

Contains MSBuild tasks for BizTalk deployment tasks like:

  • Removing/Adding BizTalk Applications
  • Starting/Stopping Application
  • Terminating Host Instances
  • And whole heap of other goodies..

BizTalk Build Generator -

  • Generates a complete set of MSBuild scripts for your BizTalk Application. Very easy and quick to use and gives a very good basis for your own customised build scripts.

Combining these two tools give you a lot of flexibility and clean build scripts if you want /need to stick with MSBuild.

The only things that is missing in my opinion is a task to Restarting the BizTalk Host Instance. To do this manually (using NET START/STOP) through MSBuild you can use the following target:


<Target Name="RestartBizTalkHostService">
<Message Text="Stopping the BizTalk Service.." />
<Exec Command="NET STOP $(BizTalkServiceName)" />

<Message Text="Starting the BizTalk Service.." />
<Exec Command="NET START $(BizTalkServiceName)" />

You can obtain the value of BizTalkServiceName from the Service Console.

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All these points explained are sounding really helpful. Each of them is easy and simple to follow. Very useful for the "amateur" I am

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